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Employment Opportunities

Faculty Openings

There are no openings at this time.


Staff Openings

Administrative Assistant - Limited Term

An administrative assistant is sought to help with the administration of a project that will likely be awarded in March 2019 and will involve significant reporting, managing logistics associated with field testing at different external sites, organizing the storage of large digital data files from tests, and helping to meet security requirements that are expected for the project. The assistant will work closely with the project director and will interface with other members of the research team. The job will involve use of Word and PowerPoint, and depending upon the candidates capabilities, high-level technical analysis tasks (such as data processing, data organization, etc).  Experience with IT, Matlab and LaTex is desired.  The position is guaranteed for one year, but is expected to extend to at least two years.  A security clearance may be required after the first year. To apply, go to jobs.nd.edu


Postdoctoral Openings


A researcher with U.S. citizenship is sought to support technical research on one or more projects involving radio frequency physical layer studies with applications in radar, communications, and sensing.  The candidate ideally will hold an EE degree (bachelors, masters or PhD) and have at least five years of experience or education beyond a bachelors degree.  The work, which is expected beginning March 2019, will involve algorithm development/improvement, implementation in hardware, testing and analysis, and reporting.  The candidate must be highly self-motivated and be able to work effectively in a team environment.   Openness to obtain a security clearance is a prerequisite. If interested, please contact Professor Thomas Pratt directly at tpratt@nd.edu.