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Researching to Heal: Developing Better Tools to Fight Cancer

Description: Dr. Thomas O'Sullivan, an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame, shares about the work of his research group. His team is taking strides to improve medical care, particularly cancer care, with their advanced imaging technologies. Utilizing near-infrared light (more specifically, diffuse optics), they develop technologies to safely and non-invasively imaging tissue deep beneath the skin. This work, while applicable to many diseases, is presently focused on breast cancer for risk assessment, screening, differential diagnosis, and predicting individual responses to treatment.


EE @ ND: Making the Modern World Possible - Wireless Communications and Sensing: Dr. Chisum Group

DescriptionDr. Jonathan Chisum, an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame, talks in this video about his research group's work. Their research focus is in wireless communications and sensing, for both the commercial sector and national defense. They work to engineer devices that can apply electromagnetism with emerging materials that will address RF and sensing problems. 


Why NDEE? Featuring Linda Gong '18

Description: Why study electrical engineering as an undergraduate student at the University of Notre Dame? BSEE Class of 2018 alumna Linda Gong shares why.


Advancing Research: Advanced Circuits

Description: Researchers at the University of Notre Dame are active in many areas of modern electronics research, including materials, devices, architectures, and systems. As the digital infrastructure evolves, with the emerging ubiquity of sensor networks, embedded intelligence, and the "Internet of Things," Notre Dame's Departments of Electrical Engineering is working to expand and connect these areas of traditional research strength by developing new capabilities in advanced circuits research.