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EE Students Support Bengal Bouts

Deb Gillean • DATE: March 2, 2012

UPDATE - Adrian Moreno is runner-up in 188-lb weight class! 

In a very close, intense and highly anticipated Bengal Bouts final Saturday night, Chris Salvi was declared the winner over EE senior Adrian “Yo Adrian” Moreno in a split decision.  Both students threw consistently powerful punches that kept the outcome of the fight in doubt until the very end.

Although Adrian had the crowd in his corner, judges awarded the victory to Salvi.

Congratulations to both students for their contribution to the Bengal Bouts in support of the Holy Cross Missions of Bangladesh. We're proud of everyone who participated, particularly Adrian and EE's Nicholas Yulan and James Heisler.


Electrical Engineering had 3 students participating in the Notre Dame Bengal Bouts this year. They are senior Adrian Moreno, sophomore Nicholas Yulan and first-year EE intent James Heisler.  Both Yulan and Heisler are now out of the running but Moreno (“Yo Adrian”, of course!) still has a chance at the 188-pound title on Saturday night, March 3 at 7:00 P.M.

Please support your classmate by attending the competition this Saturday and support the Holy Cross Missions of Bangladesh to fund various education and health care initiatives.

 Check the website on Monday for an update on “Yo Adrian”.

 To find out more information and ticket pricing, please click on the link below: