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Deep Ultraviolet

Our group is also interested in optical materials and devices for the opposite end of the optical spectrum--the deep ultraviolet (DUV).  Our work here is a collaboration with Prof. Farhan Rana, Prof. Grace Xing, and Prof. Debdeep Jena at Cornell University.  The ultimate aim of our research is electrically-injected DUV (\lambda < 270 nm) lasers.  Our group is optically characterizing DUV quantum well structures that were grown via molecular beam epitaxy.  Our laboratory is equipped with an ArF excimer laser (193 nm), high-resolution grating spectrometer, DUV PMT, and a liquid nitrogen cooled CCD camera.  

The image below shows the pump-length-dependent photoluminescence of a sample comprising 10 repeats of AlN/AlGaN quantum wells (left).  The calculated gain is shown on the right with the shaded area representing the 95% confidence interval.