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On Chip Magnetoelectric Sensor

A novel chip-scale ultra-sensitive magnetic sensor, MagnetoElectric Flexural Gate Transistor (MEFGT) capable of measuring pico Tesla biomagnetic field and capable of operating at room temperature has been developed in this research program. To achieve such a high sensitivity, a thin film magnetostrictive material (Metglas(R)) comprising of high magnetization and low coercivity has been developed with high magnetoelectric coefficient. To further improve the sensitivity, several novel approaches are being pursued such as magnetic flux concentration effect and resonance mode detection. The integrated MEMS device using magnetostrictive cantilever and FET sensing and amplifying capability exhibits a significant enhancement in the signal-to-noise ratio and consequently smaller minimum AC magnetic field detection capability. Also, this demonstration indicates the compatibility of the nanofabricated ME sensors with the Si process technology and provides the feasibility step for implementing ultra sensitive chip-scale magnetometers in highly miniaturized form-factor. Signal readout circuitry with very low input noise and low parasitic effects, fabricated using standard semiconductor processing technology, are being directly integrated with the magnetic sensors. This program is supported by National Science Foundation.