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Development of Integrated Circuits for Broadband Direct Conversion Receivers in CMOS Technologies


4/28/2014 at 2:00PM


4/28/2014 at 3:00PM


258 Fitzpatrick Hall


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Wolfgang Porod

Wolfgang  Porod

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Department of Electrical Engineering Frank M. Freimann Chair Professor
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Research Interests: Solid-state devices, computational electronics, and nanoelectronics. Courses: Electromagnetic Theory
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The presentation will provide insight into the development of building blocks required in broadband CMOS direct-conversion receivers realized in deep submicron CMOS technologies. Dr. Silva-Martinez will describe several techniques used within the front end amplifier, mixer design and baseband transimpedance amplifier to improve both Noise Figure and linearity of the receiver chain. For example, improved robustness to out-of-band interference and outstanding linearity are obtained by employing a broadband common-gate (CG) low-noise transconductance amplifier (LNTA) with dual feedback to improve both gain and noise figure (NF) without breaking the fixed relationship between input impedance, transconductance gain, and load impedance. The core of the most recently reported receiver in IEEE-JSSC (RF and baseband signal path) consumes only 13 mW, and the prototype receiver achieves over 22.4dB conversion gain, 7 dB NF, and over -1.5 dBm IIP3 from 1.4 to 5.2 GHz. Dr. Silva-Martinez will also discuss the design of a couple of highly linear broadband LNAs whose 1dB compression point is over 0dBm. Other relevant building blocks such as Power management circuits (LDOs), Quadrature Frequency synthesizers and broadband ADCs will be briefly discussed as well.

Seminar Speaker:

Jose Silva-Martinez

Jose Silva-Martinez

Texas A&M University

Dr. Jose Silva-Martinez is an IEEE-Fellow, Editor in Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems part-II (2014-2015), Senior Associate Editor of the IEEE Journal on Emerging and Selected Topics in Circuits and Systems (2014-2015) and member of the 2013-2014 CASS Distinguish Lecture Program. His record of publications show over 105 journals and 170 conferences, 3 books and 12 book chapters, 1 patent issued and 4 pending. According to the citation index, He is the top 6th most prolific author when accounting JSSC and TCAS-Part-I papers in the period 2003-2013. He is the co-author of the papers that deserved the 2011 IEEE-MWCAS best student paper award, IEEE-RF-IC 2003 best student paper award and recipient of the 1991 IEEE-ESCIRC best paper award. He currently holds the rank of Texas Instruments Professor in Analog Engineering at the Department of ECE, Texas A&M University.