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Meet Cara Ravasio

Written by: Leslie Lestinsky

The month of March is Women's History Month. Throughout the month, NDEE is shining the spotlight on its women engineers.


Hometown: Pittsburg, PA.
What made you want to pursue EE?: I was torn between neuroscience and engineering, but I knew I loved problem solving and wanted to build useful products for the medical industry.
What is your research focus?: Biophotonics–using photoacoustics to control mosquito populations.
Apple or Samsung?: Samsung all the way. The sales representative at Best Buy cheered when I switched from Apple to Samsung.
One word to describe a day without electronic devices: Stressful.
What's an electronic or electrical concept/idea you'd like to see invented and become a reality?: Bioelectronic medicine used to treat mental illnesses and neurodegenerative diseases.
Three electronic devices you can't live without?: Computer, phone, ipod nano.
A famous engineer or scientist that inspires or inspired you: Nikola Tesla, Chad Bouton, and James Dyson.
Your favorite book: East of Eden, Crime and Punishment, or Anthem!  (It's so hard to choose)
When you're not busy with EE, do you have a hobby, interest that you enjoy?: I am a member of the piccolo section in the University of Notre Dame Band, Vice President of Robotic Football Club and I love to rock climb in my limited free time.
What do you love about EE at Notre Dame?: I love the size of the department! It is very easy to get to know and get help from all my professors, and they are so dedicated to my education.