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Meet Junchi Lu

Written by: Leslie Lestinsky

The month of March is Women's History Month. Throughout the month, NDEE is shining the spotlight on its women engineers. 

Advisor: Anthony Hoffman.
Hometown: Anshan, Liaoning, China.

Apple or Samsung?: Neither, Huawei.

One word to describe a day without electronic devices: Wizard (because you would need to be one to get anything to work).

Three electronic devices you can't live without: Smartphone, GPS, headphones.

An engineer or scientist that inspires or inspired you: My advisor, Professor Hoffman.

Your favorite book: Harry Potter.

What made you want to pursue EE?: When I was a high school student, my Dad gave me a digital camera. That got interested in how a camera works, which led to me studying optoelectronics at Beijing Institute of Technology.

What's an electronic or electrical concept/idea you'd like to see invented and become a reality?: I would like to see a pair of wearable glasses that can self-adapt its focus, magnification and wavelength to look at/through material with complex composition and layers. For example, a doctor can wear the "magical" glasses in medical diagnosis without additional equipment such as microscopic section examination. Also, when you are out there hiking, painting or on an expedition, for everything you see, the glasses could reveal the traces of history and provide you a series of images with different dimensions. 

When you're not busy with EE, do you have a hobby you enjoy?: Running and cardio-dance. I'm a certified dance instructor. I also enjoy painting and cooking.

What is your research focus?: Photonics; engineering a compact semi-conductor device that can control and emit far infrared light for star formation detection and biomedical treatment.

What do you love about EE at Notre Dame?: The people here are passionate and supportive.