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Meet Karla Gonzalez-Serrano

Written by: Leslie Lestinsky

The month of March is Women's History Month. Throughout the month, NDEE is shining the spotlight on its women engineers.


Advisor: Alan Seabaugh.

Hometown: Monterrey, Mexico.

What made you want to pursue EE?: I felt the need for a deeper understanding of electronics, especially at the micro and nanoscales, to eventually apply it to the development of novel technologies to improve the quality of life, including implantable electronic devices, neural interfaces and other biomedical devices.

Where did you receive your bachelors degree from and in what?: I studied Biomedical Engineering at Monterrey Tech and was also an exchange student at Illinois Tech (IIT).

What is your research focus?: Currently, my focus is on nanoelectronic devices based on nanometer-thin ionic polymers and carbon nanotubes for memory and logic.

Apple or Samsung?: Both.

One word to describe a day without electronic devices: If it is a vacation day with music, a paintbrush and canvas, a walking tour and/or good company: Blissful!

What's an electronic or electrical concept/idea you'd like to see invented and become a reality?: It would be fascinating to see more electronic and optical devices that are better able to interface with the neural system, such as visual prosthetics that can convey color, and not only restore functions but also enhance human capabilities.

Three electronic devices you can't live without?: Laptop, cellphone and full-frame camera.

A famous engineer or scientist that inspires or inspired you: This scientist’s discoveries enabled the study of the atomic structure and started a new era in medical research and therapy. Against all obstacles imposed by society, she pursued higher studies and went on to make such crucial contributions to our understanding of physics and chemistry, that she remains the only person to win two Nobel Prizes in two different sciences. She sought to benefit humanity with her work, for instance through the development of novel medical treatments and helped shape the XX and XXI centuries. Her name is Marie Curie.

Your favorite book: The Little Prince.

When you're not busy with EE, do you have a hobby or interest that you enjoy?: Absolutely! Photography, painting, skating, singing, canoeing, traveling, watching musicals and meeting new people!

What do you love about EE at Notre Dame?: At Notre Dame I found many people, across ranks and disciplines, who generously and enthusiastically share their time and knowledge. ND's collaborative and inclusive spirit fosters scientific advancement and celebrates diversity, which has given me many good friends from around the world.