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Start-Up Success for NDEE Undergrad

Written by: Leslie Lestinsky

Resonado Flat Magnetic Speaker Technology
Resonado Flat Magnetic Speaker Technology

Not everyone will go on after graduation to run an ambitious start-up they began in their undergraduate career. Christian Femrite has the drive to take that risk. He cites the NDEE education as a major player behind his motivation and confidence. “It’s given me the academic confidence and academic muscles to pick up any challenge in my future,” said Femrite.

He is the vice president of engineering for Resonado, a company that designs, engineers and manufactures speakers that use flat magnetic technology. The University of Notre Dame undergraduate-founded company has done very well for itself. In the 18 months since its inception, the team has placed in the top three of the Start-Up Madness Competition at South by Southwest, the McCloskey New Venture Competition at Notre Dame and the Rice University Business Competition.

Resonado Team wins Rice Competition (Femrite second from left)

Resonado speaker products will soon be engineered and manufactured to be used in computer, home IoT, automotive, RV and home theater products, to name a few.

After graduation Christian will be relocating to China to oversee production of the Resonado product while also continuing to develop it.

“My Notre Dame education has allowed me to not be intimidated by risks. It'll be hard work, but this place has prepared me for that,” said Femrite.

While he is holding down the fort in China, the rest of the Notre Dame Resonado team will be in California, working on the business side of things.

“I feel I was lucky to find this start-up opportunity, I was in the right place at the right time,” said Femrite. “But then again, I heard once, the harder you work the luckier you get.”  



University of Chicago Midwest Training Competition (Femrite in middle)
He’s definitely no stranger to hard work. Femrite recently won the University of Chicago Midwest Training Competition, an intersection between algorithmic high-frequency trading and python programming. Student teams ran against each other to complete coding challenges. His team won second place in the options market-making competition.

“We coded until about 4 a.m. and presented at 8 a.m. It was intense but worth it,” said Femrite. 



The Irish Guard (Femrite far left)

He also played first chair trombone in the University of Notre Dame Marching Band, was captain of the Irish Guard, was a student senator in 2017 and 2018, and was a member of Morrissey Choir.

When thinking about why he chose electrical engineering (EE), Femrite points back to his physics II course, which he thoroughly enjoyed. That was an emotion not commonly shared by his classmates.

“I looked around at all the people complaining and said this is odd, this course is great, maybe I should be an EE,” joked Femrite.

He then went on to take an Introduction to Circuits course with NDEE Professor Yih-Fang Huang and an Introduction to Electrical Engineering course with NDEE Professor Gary Bernstein. Both of the courses and professors gave Femrite a positive charge toward pursuing the major. The rest was history.

“I will forever be amazed by how people will go out of their way to help you at Notre Dame,” said Femrite. “I'm proud to forever be a part of this network.”