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Advisor and Mentors

Every EE student has both an assigned advisor and mentor. You are strongly encouraged to get to know both of these faculty members as they can provide valuable insights into your life as an EE student and your EE career beyond school.

While both your advisor and mentor are more than willing to discuss general questions about areas of study and career paths, your official advisor is best prepared to answer questions about official EE requirements and policies, e.g. things like curriculum requirements, transfer of credits from overseas programs and other schools, international programs, course dropping, registration PINs, etc.

The Director of Undergraduate Students, currently Dr. Stevenson, serves as the official advisor for all EE undergraduates. 

Your mentor's name has been assigned and emailed to you.  You can also find them posted outside the EE main office in 275 Fitzpatrick.  If you have not yet been advised of a mentor, please contact Dr. Stevenson and one will be assigned to you.