Optional concentrations allow EE majors to acquire depth in a technical subspecialty with a coherent choice of electives. All courses below satisfy EE, technical and/or engineering science electives. No student is required to complete a concentration.

Each concentration consists of a coherent collection of four courses contributing depth in a distinct EE competence. Each is designed to be achievable by an EE major without adding to degree requirements. Some elective courses, as noted below, may require special permission or additional prerequisites. Any such additional courses would count as EE or Technical Electives.

Communications (CCMM)

Semiconductors and Nanotechnology (CNAN)

Energy (CENR)

Multimedia (CMUL)

Biosystems (CBSY)

  • Required Courses:
  • Restricted Electives (minimum two from list):
    • BIOS 20201: General Biology A
    • Second of BIOS 20250 & 21250 Classical and Molecular Genetics & Lab or BIOS 30341 & 31341 Cellular Biology & Lab
    • BIOS 30312 General Ecology
    • EE 40455: Control Systems
    • CSE 40531: Computational Biophysics and Systems Biology
    • CSE 40532: Bioinformatics

 *Respective departments suggest preparatory courses which are part of neither EE requirements nor the Required Courses under this Concentration. Departmental permission may be required.