How do I get my registration PIN?

Approximately one week before registration opens for your class, a registration PIN luncheon will be held by the department (free pizza!). At the luncheon we will discuss upcoming class options, requirements, and electives. We will answer any questions and most importantly, hand out the necessary PIN information so that you can register for classes during your assigned time.

If I miss the registration PIN luncheon, how do I get my PIN?

Come to the EE main office (275 Fitzpatrick Hall) and ask. 

Can I take an EE course if I don't have all the prerequisites?

Maybe. This is left to the discretion of the instructor. So if you don't have the necessary prerequisites, start by talking to the course instructor to see if you can obtain their approval. If they do approve, go the EE main office (275 Fitzpatrick Hall) and ask for a course override. The administrative assistants will verify the instructor approval and enter the override into the registration system. You will now have to necessary permission to register for the course. 

When can I drop a class?

A student may drop a class at their discretion while their registration time is still active. See the academic calendar for the exact date, but it is generally 7 days after the first day of classes.

After the registration time expires but before the last day to drop, a student can drop a class with the approval of the department, their advisor and their dean. See the academic calendar for the course discontinuance date, but it is generally the Friday after fall/spring break.

In very rare cases and only with serious extenuating circumstances a course can be dropped after the course discontinuance date. 

How do I drop a class?

Before registration closes courses can be added/dropped through "NOVO" from the student's insideND account.

After registration closes and prior to the last day for course discontinuance an "Add/Drop" form must be filled out and approved in order to drop a class. The "Add/Drop" form is found in the eForms link under your Academic tab of insideND. Submission of an eForm does not guarantee approval. It is the student's responsibility to make sure the appropriate approvals are obtained. Until the change is reflected on your schedule, you should continue to participate in the class.

What appears on my transcript if I drop a class?

A course dropped before the course discontinuance date will be removed from your official transcript. A course dropped after the course discontinuance date will appear on your official transcript with a "W" grade.

Can I take a class Pass/Fail?

Maybe. According to the Bulletin of Information, junior or senior  undergraduates may file with their academic dean, during the first six class days of the semester, the decision to take one elective course per semester, not to exceed four credit hours, outside the student's major department and not required by the student's program, on a pass/fail basis.

Can I take more than 19 credit hours a semester?

Maybe. To take more than 19 credit hours during a semester you will need permission from the Dean's office.