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Why EE at Notre Dame

Deciding between different universities and majors can be very complicated. Thousands of combinations are possible, and while the decision is important it can be overwhelming. Here are some of the reasons what Notre Dame Electrical Engineering might be a great choice for you:

    • Senior Design Project 2014World Class Faculty - For over 100 years Notre Dame has hired world-class faculty in Electrical Engineering who are preeminent researchers and teachers. For decades, Notre Dame Electrical Engineering has been recognized around the world as a leader in communication systems, circuit theory, nanotechnology, control systems, and next-generation devices. The Electrical Engineering faculty integrate professional experience with deep theoretical knowledge. They collaborate with colleagues on campus and around the world to pursue interdisciplinary research that turns discoveries into practical solutions.
    • Very Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio - With the incredibly low student-to-faculty ratio of only 6-to-1, Electrical Engineering students are able to actively engage with the faculty in the classroom, in research labs, and in many 1-to-1 situations.
    • World class undergraduate experiences in the classroom, in research laboratories, and across the world - Our world-class faculty not only perform leading research, but they also teach every undergraduate class we offer. Students also have the opportunity to work with faculty and graduate students in groundbreaking research as early as their sophomore year. Many students take a semester overseas where there are many opportunities to continue work towards their ND EE degree while experiencing the enrichment offered by engaging citizens in our increasingly interconnected and interdependent world.
    • Career Opportunities - Graduates from Electrical Engineering are sought by all major industries. Electrical engineers hold many unusual and challenging positions in the aerospace, chemical, nuclear, automotive, medical, metallurgical, textile, railway, petroleum, and other basically nonelectrical industries, as well as in computers, electronics, communications, power, and other electrical industries. Their activities span industrial activity, research, development, design, production, marketing, operation, field test, and maintenance of many types of equipment for government, industry, farm, and home.

      Some of our recent graduates have continued into top graduate schools, such as Cornell University, Duke University, Purdue University, Stanford University, University of California Santa Barbara, University of Texas and University of Wisconsin. Other recent graduates have taken jobs at leading companies such as Analog Devices, Boeing, General Electric, General Motors, IBM, Microsoft, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and Texas Instruments.
    • The University of Notre Dame - Electrical Engineering students are of course an integral part of the larger Notre Dame community and benefit tremendously from all that Notre Dame has to offer.