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NDEE Graduate Program

At NDEE, you will find a welcoming and inclusive, close-knit community of supportive professionals. Our dedicated graduate staff collaborates across campus to serve the whole student in every student.

Our world-class faculty spend one on one time with students to ensure their research is successful and on-track.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are attended by full-time staff. This benefit, in addition to our department’s collaborative working style, affords students the opportunity to work in impeccable laboratories, which equates to quality research, done efficiently.

NDEE’s generous stipends coupled with South Bend’s low cost of living, provides for our students a rich quality of life. Grad life at NDEE is positively charged with daily opportunities for student recreation and engagement.

Entrepreneurial endeavors are encouraged and supported at NDEE through partnership with the IDEA Center, a collaborative innovation hub dedicated to expanding the technological and societal impact of the University’s innovations.

NDEE students are well prepared to articulate their research to industry experts around the globe. Our full-time, fully staffed Office of Grants and Fellowships and University of Notre Dame Career Center, offer students a rare perk of specializing in and providing a customized graduate experience. Grants for conferences, travel, training and personal recreation are available as well as  world-class professional development through fellowships, mentorships, internships and professional training.

The combination of all these benefits is why NDEE is home to a one-of-kind community of bright and motivated students. Even after earning your degree, the advantages offered by NDEE continue as you are forever connected to the exclusive and thriving Notre Dame alumni network.

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