Lifting some of the burdens from cancer treatment

“Smart” breast marker clips engineered by Prof. Thomas O’Sullivan and his team provide rapid data about disease progression and treatment efficacy—making possible personalized, more convenient and more effective treatment.

Electrical Engineering is powering, connecting, digitizing, and automating a better future.

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Electronic Circuits and Systems
Communications and Networking
Systems and Control
Signal and Image Processing


placement rate for undergrads in electrical engineering



Research Areas

Electronics, Photonics, Materials and Devices
Electronic Materials
Photonics and Optoelectronics
Quantum Computing
RF and THz Devices


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SpectrumX – Universities join forces to pursue NSF center opportunity

Four teams awarded planning grants through the National Science Foundation’s (NSF’s) new Spectrum Innovation …

IrishSAT logo

Launch sequence initiated: Introducing ND IrishSat

Electrical engineering and aerospace engineering students have formed a new club called ND IrishSat. Their ultimate …

Electrical Engineering Ph.D. student Irfan Khan working in Professor Anthony Hoffman's Photonics Lab

“Bending” light to engineer improved optical devices and circuits

Rainbows are formed when light bends — or refracts — as it enters and exits a water droplet. The amount that the …

Chakraborty takes VLSI Best Student Paper Award for Technology

Wriddhi Chakraborty received the Best Student Paper Award for Technology at the 2020 VLSI Symposia on Technology and …

Digital image of sun

Engineers developing high-speed light detectors for closer look at the sun

For all that scientists have learned about the sun, plenty of unanswered questions remain about the brightest star in …

PhD Student in photonics lab

Apply to the new Materials Science and Engineering doctoral program

The University of Notre Dame has announced a new interdisciplinary doctoral program in Materials Science and …

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Engineering student in the Stinson-Remick clean room

Make great things at nanoscale

This teaching and research Clean Room in Stinson-Remick Hall of Engineering features powerful, industry-grade tools for design and fabrication of integrated circuits and medical devices with nanometer-sized features.

Summer REU Student conducting research

Undergraduate Program

  • Hands-on coursework
  • Engagement in research
  • Exposure to new and emerging technologies

Graduate Program

Our Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering will prepare you for a successful career in industry, academia, or government.


Faculty and students in Electrical Engineering are engaged in research in two primary areas — Electrical Circuits and Systems (ECS) and Electronics, Photonics, Materials and Devices (EPMD).

Spotlight on Research in Electrical Engineering

Making the Modern World Possible: Wireless Communications and Sensing

Prof. Jonathan Chisum didn’t always know he wanted to be an electrical engineer, but he has always been interested in physical principles and mathematics.

“Then once I discovered that the people who harness those laws to do interesting things and solve problems — those are electrical engineers.”

“Then I started to realize, this is where the action is. This is where I want to be!”