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Mannam receives 2020 Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award

Nina Welding • DATE: May 11, 2020

Varun Mannam, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Electrical Engineering, has received the 2020 Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award. Presented annually by Notre Dame Learning, the Graduate School, and the Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning, the award recognizes exceptional teaching in the classroom or in a teaching laboratory. Mannam is advised by Associate Professor Scott Howard.

“Graduate students play a tremendous role in our department, and we celebrate their many successes while here and in their careers after graduation,” said J. Nicholas Laneman, professor and director of graduate studies. “Beyond their own studies, they contribute in research labs, through service as teaching assistants, and as friends and mentors in our academic community. Varun, in particular, has shown himself to be a dedicated scholar who shares his time and his passion with our undergraduate students as he supports them in their studies.”
The award consists of a certificate from the Kaneb Center and Graduate School, a letter documenting the award for the graduate student’s file, and an honorarium.