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Similarities in biology and technology inspire novel approach in mobile robotics and prosthetics for spinal cord injuries

A team led by Suman Datta, Stinson Professor of Nanotechnology and director of the Applications and Systems-driven Center for Energy-Efficient integrated Nano Technologies and the Center for Extremely Energy Efficient Collective Electronics, has successfully demonstrated the hardware for low-power compact nano-oscillators for use in mobile robotics and prosthetics for spinal cord injuries.

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Novel RF Switch Technology from NDEE Making Traction in 5G and 6G Wireless Movement

llestinsky • Date: September 19, 2019

NDEE graduate student Yu Shi and team, advised by NDEE professor Lei Liu, have proposed a novel class of high-performance optically controlled integrated RF switches based on photo-induced free carriers in semiconductors.

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Laneman receives 2019 Qualcomm Faculty Award

NDEE Professor J. Nicholas Laneman has been awarded a 2019 Qualcomm Faculty Award for research that is inspirational to graduate students while also encourages new approaches in key areas of wireless technology.

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Woodward Family Endowment Supports NDEE Student Summer Research Experience

Grant Barthelmes, NDEE junior, is one of 20 students who participated in the summer 2019 NDnano Undergraduate Research Fellowship program. His project involved measurements with single-electron transistors, which are capable of measuring the motion of single electrons within molecules. Determining the position of an electron within a molecule will enable the use of molecules as electronic devices. Barthelmes worked under the guidance of NDEE professor and chair,Greg Snider.

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Infrared imaging technology takes a giant leap forward

Electron microscope images of the Notre Dame cavity and antenna structure

A paper recently published in Scientific Reports shares that a research team from the University of Notre Dame has engineered a chip that allows thermal imaging with IR detectors. This new chip features unique properties not previously available with conventional IR imaging chips.

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