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Wireless Institute's External Research Funding Exceeds $5 Million

The University of Notre Dame’s Wireless Institute (WI) saw a record-breaking year with external research funding exceeding $5 million in 2018.

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Best Paper Award Won at Cybersecurity Conference

NDEE graduate student Joseph Loof won an award for the Best Cyber R&D Paper at Resilience Week In his paper, Loof addresses the problem of frequency hopped signal classification in a propagation environment with multi-path. He explains his approach towards signal classification–using unconventional methods that, instead of seeing multi-path as a hinderance, leverage it to enable signal discrimination.

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Fay Featured on Cover of PSS (A)

NDEE Professor Patrick Fay was featured on the cover of the February journal issue of physica status solidi (a) - applications and materials science. The results published by Fay and his collaborators are among the latest discoveries in the industry.

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Designing Next-Generation Optical Antennas

Without antennas, the world would be a much different place. NDEE professor Anthony J. Hoffman is working toward leveraging these devices to control light instead of radio waves.

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Open-Source Application Creates Super-Resolution Images of Cell Development in Living Animals

DeSOS Image

A new tool may allow researchers to see more of the physiological state of living organisms at the cellular level, according to a study by the University of Notre Dame, involving the research of NDEE professor Scott Howard and graduate student Yide Zhang

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