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Smart breast clips: A new and personalized approach to breast cancer treatment

nwelding • Date: January 13, 2020

Thomas O’Sullivan, assistant professor of electrical engineering, is leading a team to develop the first “smart” breast clip, a device that could revolutionize breast cancer treatment.

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Hochwald named 2019 National Academy of Inventors Fellow

nwelding • Date: December 6, 2019

Bertrand Hochwald, the Frank M. Freimann Professor of Electrical Engineering and co-director of Notre Dame’s Wireless Institute, has been named a 2019 National Academy of Inventors Fellow.

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Training computers to be lifelong learners starts with an attentional memory that allows a computer to “search” and “match” more easily

nwelding • Date: November 21, 2019

Researchers at Notre Dame have demonstrated a novel one-shot learning method that allows computers to draw upon already learned patterns more quickly, efficiently and using less energy than currently possible, while adapting to new tasks and previously unseen data.

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Burghoff Receives Air Force Young Investigator Award

staff • Date: November 19, 2019

The Air Force Office of Scientific Research has recognized David Burghoff, assistant professor of electrical engineering, with a Young Investigator Research Program award.

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